The elephant is incredibly important to the history of Virginia Snider Commons. During the construction of Snider Hall, a relief sculpture of an elephant mysteriously appeared on the building. Since, VS has embraced the idea of the elephant. To us, it symbolizes strength, wisdom, courage, happiness, and tradition. Elephants stick together in a pack, and we believe that residents of VS stick together in this same way, forming the tight-knit community we have today.

The diamond pattern that appears on the lower-left portion of the crest is meant to reflect the protection that students receive from the Commons.

The Virginia Snider Colors are French Blue and Roman Silver. French Blue is the color of the flower the ‘Forget-Me-Not’. This symbolizes the home that all VS Commons residents will have here, no matter where they go in life. Virginia Snider will never forget them and will always be here to support them. Roman Silver reflects the color of the elephant and symbolizes dignity, reflection, and responsibility.

Our motto is comprised simply of our values. These words express what it means to be a member of Virginia Snider Commons. VS Residents hold themselves to a higher standard than the typical SMU student. They excel in their scholarly, humanitarian, and social pursuits, with each of those aspects related to a word in the motto.

Reason / Integrity / Strength

Reason: Empowering to think, understand, and act.

Integrity: Committing to upstanding character, as a student and a citizen

Strength: Standing in solidarity and supporting in community.