Knighting into the Order of the Elephant: The Knighting Ceremony takes place near the beginning of the semester. In this legendary ceremony, all VS Residents are inducted into the venerable ‘Order of the Elephant.’

Sunday Night Snacks (Weekly): Sunday Night Snacks is a weekly event hosted by Faculty-in-Residence, Dr. Ann Batenburg, in her first floor apartment. Every Sunday, students gather to enjoy freshly baked snacks and each other’s company.

Trivia Night: One of VS Commons’ favorite traditions is the lighthearted, but competitive, trivia night. Multiple teams battle it out for an awesome prize and bragging rights! 

Matchmaking: This hilarious annual survey reveals resident's most compatible matches in VS. When Valentine's Day rolls around, be sure to be on the look out for the *accurate* results.

May Week: Virginia-Snider’s May Week takes place late in the Spring semester and is a week of activities planned with a fun event each evening. This week is designed to be a fun and relaxing break from end of the year stress.

VieSta: May Week culminates in a celebration called VieSta, which is held on the VS lawn. There’s free food, plenty of games to play, a photobooth, and friends with whom to enjoy it all.